Bellee Love

 From the start of itty bitty cells coming together to create the most amazing miracle life has to offer, pregnancy is truly remarkable. My admiration for pregnancy started when I was in college. I attended Rowan University and graduated with a Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science. After graduating, I became a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutritional counselor for women, specializing in perinatal clients. After being present for my nephew's arrival, I knew birth work was my destiny. I started my training as a birth doula with DONA International and quickly decided to keep expanding my knowledge and experience in birth work to postpartum care. I received my postpartum training through DONA International. I offer both services to all birthing people in the Tristate area but focus mainly on overnight postpartum of support. I've had the pleasure of working with many families that included twins and triplets! 


Our mission is to enhance every aspect of physical, psychological and spiritual health for mothers, babies and families during pregnancy, childbirth into parenthood. 


Every birthing person should have a doula if they want one. At Bellee Love, we offer birth and postpartum services while providing culturally competent and inclusive care. We will provide only evidence based and up-to-date information while respecting our client's boundaries. We will adhere to the highest respect to all birthing families of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, identities and spiritual beliefs.